Sticky August, Still Writing

Tokyo’s humid summer weather and cold beer always go well together with me. I like to think of it as a refreshing reward for the penance done in getting through each sweltering day. The beer(s) come with the evening meal; an occasion to look forward to, although sometimes not much writing gets done later on!

It’s cooler today because of a trio of typhoons tracking up and down Japan’s Pacific coastline. One is battering Tokyo right now with heavy rain and gales. And with no sane reason to go outside, the nasty weather enables me to polish off some writing tasks. This long overdue blog post is one of them. I will try to keep it brief.

The main news is that I have decided on covers for my two fiction works-in-progress.

Lunar Blackout is a short (maybe…) story that arose from an online science fiction workshop I took earlier in the year.

My second cover is for one of the books in the time travel trilogy I’ve blogged about here a number of times.

The cover and the book&‘s title replace the previous placeholders. The puzzle is that I don’t yet know which book in the trio this one will be! Not a problem for an experienced organic writer but for a novice like me there might be some flapping around going on inside of my head when it comes to the writing. What I can say so far is that Lunar Blackout is shaping up to be a prologue to the trilogy and, once published, I suspect the order of the other books will make themselves known.

Uncertainty is, I suppose, a welcome aspect of creating stories because if I knew what all of this was about I doubt I could be bothered to spend hours and hours in the telling.

For me, it’s very important to just keep writing, and fix issues as they bubble up along the way. And that’s where the key message in my non-fiction eBook, Living Your Best Life: Self-Coaching Conversations, continues to guide my slow and often stumbling steps forward to becoming the best (science) fiction writer I can be.

Productivity and creativity in this writer’s world go hand-in-hand in the form of 15 and forgiveness..

(With all due credit to author and motivational coach, Al Secunda, who clued me in to the importance of taking small, incremental steps backed up by self-forgiveness when you don’t. The two together are game changers in my attempts to live a more creative life.)

Until next time!