Start Taking Mini Actions

My career coaching and mentoring work is guided by what I wrote about in successful-career-change-rule-1-take-action using just five rules.

But isn’t it ironic that Rule #1, Take Action, is the one which often causes people to hesitate! Maybe because they’ve been conditioned over many years by the advice of such popular wisdom as:

  • Fools rush in where angels fail to tread.

  • Look before you leap.

Of course, there’s certainly an element of truth in both statements. Reckless and poorly thought out choices and actions can and do have serious consequences.

And there is no absolute guarantee that taking even well planned actions will lead to a desired result. There is always a risk that things will screw up, though with planning and care (hello goal setting!), some of those risks can be identified and their probability of occuring reduced.

(Notice I didn’t say eliminated. Stuff happens and none of us are immune to the outcomes.)

But taking action is still key to most successful outcomes and experiences in life. As Woody Allen apparently said:

80% of success is showing up.

A method I often recommend is the habit of taking mini-actions&around a big goal, such as a successful career change.

Mini-actions relieve the pressure because you’re no longer fixated on the stress and tribulations of achieving a major result in a short time. In fact, you’re not specifically focused on any result. Just on showing up.

Yes, if you have a big dream, keep it in mind from time to time. But focus on taking the very smallest of actions.

Exactly how small?
Oh, how about 15 seconds or so.

I shall return to Al Secunda’s wonderful book (The 15-Second Principle) in tomorrow’s post.