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StarStruck 2014: Imagining Other Earths (MOOC)

By the time this is posted 2013 will be retiring and 2014 getting ready to ride.

Although it’s traditional for some bloggers to do an end of the year review post, I’ll pass this time.

Suffice it to say that my commercial b2b writing and self-coaching book projects continue to be two important sides of a triangle of opportunity.

The third side is (science) fiction author; even though I’m having some enjoyable troubles in choosing between space opera, hard science fiction, quantum fiction, and even YA fantasy. All have attracted my interest and study over the past 12 months. Perhaps I’ll just write in multiple genres but under different names? We’ll see.

Writing is one thing. World building is another.

And so to kick off this new year of the horse (in Japan), I’ve enrolled in a 12-week Coursera MOOC, Imagining Other Earths.

This starts on Feb 3rd and as pre-reading I’m going through What if the Earth had Two Moons by the astronomer, Neil F Comins.

Take a look at the Coursera intro blurb;

Are we alone? This course introduces core concepts in astronomy, biology, and planetary science that enable the student to speculate scientifically about this profound question and invent their own solar systems.

Mouthwatering, eh. Especially with the ongoing Exoplanet discoveries and more to come:

An interesting aspect of this course is the final paper: 5 to 10 pages describing the properties of a planetary system that you invent.

I wonder what stories might evolve from that exercise?

A Happy New Year (of the horse, this time) to you and yours.