Some Goals Do, Some Goals Don’t

UK-based readers might recognize the influence of Shakin’ Stevens in the title of this post.

I was never a fan but remember watching Top Of The Pops (now extinct) and complaining how I couldn’t get his catchy little ditty out of my head (it was the hormones, no doubt!).

Well, twenty plus years later the hormone flow may have eased somewhat from a torrent to a meandering stream but Shakey’s song has apparently etched a permanent neural pathway in my head, just awaiting an innocent trigger.

Yes, I show my age shamelessly. I guess it’s easier for guys 😉

Speaking of easier (not), I amazed myself a few days ago with doing the ton in press-ups (or push-ups, as my daughter corrected me.)

That’s right; 100 press-ups (I’m stubborn) non-stop on the same blessed tatami mat I wrote about before.

Admittedly, the last ten were a wee bit wibbly-wobbly but complete them I did.

Funny thing about goals: you can focus and work on goal A and then success in goal B bubbles up almost unexpectedly.

My running PB goal still remains tantalizingly out of reach but this press-up PB goal has almost been met, and I was doing more running than conditioning for press-ups.

So, what’s next? 200? 300? 1000?
(Yes, there is a 1000 press-ups a day web site out there somewhere!)

This is where it comes down to interests and aptitude; in addition to time and energy!

Of course, 100 is a nice peak to reach but descending to base camp (60 a day) for a while has a celebratory feel to it I like.

And then I’ll take a crack at breaking 105. It would be inspiring for this midlife self to raise the bar on that twenty-year old’s vitality and strength.

Meanwhile the running continues and the elusive 6 minute goal remains as a carrot I’ll reach by year end or sooner.
All being well.

Although I’ve focused on fitness goals for this post, I employ (joke?!) a similar approach with respect to my other goals.

I think the message is have fun, mix it up, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment with targets and benchmarks.

When all’s said and done, this too shall pass.
(I love that quote. Author unknown?)