Somatic Wisdom. A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations

When you are busy, tired and under a lot of stress, do you listen to what your body may be telling you?

For many years (in my teens and twenties) I was an active athlete and really enjoyed the sport (hurdling).

Running somatic wisdom

From time to time I would pickup injuries, mainly leg muscle strains or minor muscle tears.

These would heal given rest, good sports physios and the vitality of youth.

But there were weaknessesleft behind: scar tissue and general wear and tear, for example.

Years later I still like to run but at a much more gentle pace. Even so, I do get injured, especially in my left or right calf.

In the past I would ignore minor calf twinges and get away with it.

These days, I run the risk of a major tear/strain and being out of running for a month or more.

Fortunately, I usually get advance warning that something is amiss. When I burn the candle at both ends (e.g. through overwork), I often find that my eyes are very tired. There’s a general weariness surrounding both eye sockets that won’t go away.

If I then go out for a run to try and shake out the cobwebs, I seem to run a 50/50 risk of pulling a calf muscle. Duh!

It’s almost as if my body (via eye tiredness) is signaling that R-E-S-T would be the best remedy, not jogging. Especially for a runner like me, who gets carried away with feeling good&and starts to raise the pace, usually to burn off an OAP power walker haha!

Today, for once, I listened to the innate somatic wisdom of the body and ended my run at the warm-up stage, even though a spring-like, sunny Saturday was beckoning me to go for a gallop.

Yep, my eyes were weary beforehand. And yep, I felt minor tugging in my right calf.

So, reluctantly, I walked back to my house and sat out in the garden for a while with our dog.

Maybe I should follow her lead more often!

PS If you’re interested in somatic ideas and paying attention to your body wisdom, here’s an interesting site to explore. It’s called Seishindo¬†and the teacher is Charlie Badenhop. He lives a few train stops from me and I’ve been to some of his Saturday classes, though not recently.