SUV: Silly Utility Vehicle

Saturday 1 March: Spring is in the air and I’m walking to my local train station.

Part of me thinks it’s a crying shame to be working on such a glorious day.

Yet there are benefits too:

  • I can take a compensation day off during the week.

  • No packed commuter trains at 11am Saturday.

My feeling grateful for the existence of such options is abruptly broken by the beep, beep, b-e-e-p! of an increasingly irate weekend SUV driver trying to turn into the narrow road I’m walking along (from an even narrower side street, more like a lane.)

His way’s temporarily blocked by a 7-11 convenience store van making a delivery.

The van driver’s straining to push the loaded trolley between van and store, as the SUV nutter gives vent to his frustrations on that stupid h-o-r-n.

I truly wish he’d STFU.

In many parts of Tokyo, roads are really narrow, with footpaths being something of a forgotten after thought. In this case it’s a one meter white line painted along the outside of the road.

The delivery trucks often have nowhere off road to park and there are gazillions of these stores in Tokyo. What fun that job must be.

Anyway, as I nimbly skirted the child high bull-bars attached to the front of the SUV tank(!), I’m struck (pun intended?) by the fact that some people construct lives and careers in like manner.

Traveling along life’s apparently narrow lanes, unable to reverse, yet consumed by unconscious but programmable desires to get somewhere, no matter who or what is in their way.

B-e-e-p! I want it and I want it now. Get out of my way.

Does it ever occur to these people that there might be another way?

Hey Buddy-san!

How about trading in your gas guzzling monster for something more appropriate to the environment you share with the rest of us?

And while you’re at it, get rid of the bull bars. There are no bulls in overcrowded Tokyo.

Ah! That felt better.

Now that those clouds of annoyance are mostly rained out, I feel the sun starting to shine again.

Forecast? Set Fair!

(Thanks to that Silly Utility Vehicle driver for the opportunity to have a Short Unexplainable Vent. This too shall pass.)