Short Story #05: Out of Character Take 47

52 short stories in 52 weeks out of character

Short Story Writer’s Journal (May contains spoilers)

This is another tale that sprung from a story start from last year. However, just like story 04, it got bogged down in my zeal to create (i.e. edit).

I was floundering with a weak time travel story until this morning (Sun 11 Nov.) when a present tense first person protagonist seemed to be instructing me in my many inadequacies as a writer.

And so that’s what I ran with. I knew this would be a very short story but it was still fun to write it into the dark and get lost in the shadows for a few days.

This story appears as ‘The Keyboard Prisoner’ in my Brain Read short story collection.

A summary listing of all short stories in this challenge can be found by clicking 52-in-52.)