Setting Goals And The Ability Excuse

This is the first of 3 posts on goal setting excuses.

Do you avoid setting goals in a field of interest because you think you have little or no ability?

I suspect that many people are 100% correct in drawing that conclusion that is, they think they have no ability.

Think again!

The Ability Excuse
Consider the likelihood that whatever ability you do have in any area is probably being under utilized.
Maybe even neglected.

Some goal avoiders I know use the following line of reasoning to justify inaction:

Role Model A has achieved X in my ability of interest.
I can only achieve 1% of X.
Therefore, game over. (before it’s begun!)

First of all, is it really a competition between you and role model A?
If that’s the goal, then yes, you may be on a lose-lose bet.

Because if your goal is to vanquish A, then you might expend considerable time and effort just to discover the temporary thrill and the enduring hollowness that comes from the memory of beating someone.

Secondly, and fortunately for you, it is debatable on a case-by-case basis exactly what is the influence of nature vs. nurture.

Which presents you with multiple opportunities to leverage your own abilities and your environment in pursuit of your goal.

Coaching Challenge:

Contact role model A and find out how they got from the 1% level to where they are now.

Then commit to incremental 1% improvements in the expression of your own ability.

That is what setting goals is really all about!

PS Many thanks to my 12-year old daughter for taking the handwritten scribbles these three posts started out life as, and typing them up. She’s turning out to be a useful outsourcing resource during the long school holidays in hot, muggy Tokyo. And it’s only to cost a couple of Calvin and Hobbes books (so far!).