Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers: N. Ireland

This post’s a shoutout for the outreach efforts of Northern Irish science fiction and fantasy writers.

I am honored to be a member of this group.

Of course, living in Japan, my focus is on signal boosting via Twitter and other relevant social media.

Here’s the group’s Twitter @sci_ni

SFFNI works to give a voice to N. Ireland’s writers of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and all the other wonderful bits of spec fic you’ll find in between.

If you see interesting tweets from the @sci_ni, please retweet and like them. Tweets are often tagged with #sffni and I try to look out for these on a regular basis.

Our group’s FaceBook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/OtherworldsNI/

What I am Writing:

The 52-in-52 short story challenge continues.

A brief visit to Hong Kong and a fling with flash fiction derailed my weekly output but I expect to resume production from this weekend.

What I am Reading:

This is a mixture of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, a Ray Bradbury short story collection, and the New Scientist magazine.

I make time for regular reading on the train and that’s now habitual for me. I’m also pleased that reading first for pleasure, and then to understand from a craft perspective, has become an effective way of studying how some writers do their thing.

It would be great to read even more and I’m thinking about how to do that. Perhaps I’ll make every Sunday a reading day, or reserve a couple of weekday evenings. The temptation to write to fill the time available can be so addictive as to exclude important activities like reading.