Rice Picker or Samurai. Which are You?

Are people born entrepreneurs or become so?

Are you a worker bee / corporate drone, or a samurai / free spirited entrepreneur?

In the link below, Jason Calacanis delivers a rousing performance to some Penn State students; all the more so because it was unscripted. A thirty-seven minute master class in self-belief, desire and never giving up.

Yes, he’s controversial and outspoken. Drones around the globe will hate him with a vengeance. But hey, he’s a Brooklyn boy, and while acknowledging that rice pickers are needed, holds a special affection for the samurai (entrepreneurial) class.

The downloadable video and audio-only files are well worth keeping if you have even a smidgen of desire to start and grow your own business.

Jason Calacanis: Rice Picker or Samurai?

Some choice quotes:

For the people who want to be worker bees and drones:

There’s really not very much to tell you. Your life’s going to be very boring. You’re not going to get much accomplished. And you’re going to die and regret not starting a company, and not being your own boss, and not doing something epic. But by that time it will be too late.

And for those who felt and acted on an entrepreneurial calling:

you saw that you had a choice in life. You didn’t just have to get in line and go work for somebody. You could actually come up with an idea, execute on it and be responsible for your destiny.

Interestingly, while he believes that entrepreneurs can be made, the roots usually come from the example or influence of entrepreneurial parents in a person’s younger years.

That being said, there’s no time like the present.