Reviewing Your Career Change Goals

In this end of December lull between the old and the new year, do your thoughts sometimes turn to what might’ve been and what’s yet to come?

You’re not alone.

As both a career changer and a coach, I’ve noticed two direct benefits of a yearly review:

  • Life’s a great teacher, so by looking critically but compassionately at the past 12 months you can prime the pump for what’s realistically possible in the next twelve.

  • Your career and other categories of your life are often linked in ways you tend to forget e.g. wealth, health, family, friends, personal growth.

With these benefits in mind, here’s a wee exercise that might just set you up for a great 2008.

All you need’s a pencil, paper and about 30 minutes of quiet time.

  • Complete this paragraph in 15 minutes or less.
    I had some interesting experiences on my career change journey in 2007. For example:

  • Complete this paragraph for your main life categories in 15 minutes or less.
    I know that my career (change) goals had an impact on other areas of my life this year. For example, my family

An important part of setting future goals is becoming more aware of your existing reality. It’s especially true for beginning career changers who are often unaware of just how much they and others (including loved ones) have invested in your current life path and direction.

I will return to this subject in a post before New Year’s Eve.