Reading List: March 2014

Here’s a post about what I’ve been reading in February. Despite having a Kindle Paperwhite I’m still in love with paper, although my 2014 purchases have all been of ebooks. The dead tree versions come courtesy of friends and libraries.


  1. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

This was recommended by my daughter. She’d studied The Handmaid’s Tale in school and became interested in the author’s work. I am glad she was smitten and passed the bug to me because Atwood’s book gripped me from the start, and I just had to know what became of the main characters (especially Snowman) as the disaster’s course was charted. Recommended if you like dystopian novels set in a future where hope is an illusion and humour a survival skill. (Said daughter has now passed me The Year of the Flood, also by Ms. Atwood.)


  1. What if The Earth Had Two Moons by Neil F. Comins

This is recommended reading for the Coursera MOOC, Imagining Other Earths, which I am participating in. ¬†Some reviewers have criticized the fictional snippets that begin each chapter but this SF writer enjoyed the author’s thought experiments and wished they were longer!
I think that he explains most necessary scientific ideas in sufficient detail so that a reader with a basic high school education can follow his arguments. And there’s always the Internet, should additional clarification be required.

  1. Clarkesworld Magazine

This monthly SFF magazine is a steal at the price and I enjoy the mix of fiction and non-fiction. It’s one way to keep in touch with what editors and readers are consuming in these genres.

Well, that’s it. A little on the brief side but I also nibble daily from a wide range of blogs; RSS feeds are great for doing this while commuting.