Press Up! Press On!

Even though it was way back in the dark ages, I can still recall doing 105 press ups one rainy evening in October; my 20th birthday.

105 remains my personal best and the closest I’ve come since then is 80. I achieved that last year after a few months of daily practice, working my way up from 20 a day.

Mark McClure Press Up Press On!

Alas, starting back after a short stomach upset last month, I found it a struggle to hit 30 without running out of arm power.

However, I know that with a little fifteen and forgiveness it’s probable that 80 can be reached by the summer time.

After that? Well, even though the mind says age shall not weary him, the body seems to have other ideas!

We shall see.

My experience of career change has required a similar degree of effort and forbearance, along with a pragmatic understanding (maturity; aka the school of hard knocks?) of how age, abilities, geographic location, intention and luck all play a part in what I will loosely call Career Opportunities.

From my role as a coach, I understand that people interested in career change most likely know that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Yet, many still hesitate to take those vital first steps, however small they might be.

Where the real value of career coaching often comes from is in helping to increase a client’s awareness of two fundamental concepts behind a successful career change:

  1. In what direction would you like to take your career?

  2. How can you start out (and remain) on the path your new career choice is suggesting?

The answers can be as individual as you are.

Meanwhile, it’s time for 50 on the tatami mat!