Preserve And Cherish The Pale Blue Dot. Carl Sagan

Today is November 3rd, a Japanese national holiday, popularly known as Culture Day.

The Tokyo weather is glorious, if a little cool (about 14 C), and I’m taking it easy with some gentle garden weeding, in between writing about this, that and the other.

On a recent web surf for ideas I rediscovered some thought-provoking words from the late Dr. Carl Sagan, an American astronomer and popular author.

It’s called The Pale Blue Dot, a term used to describe how our earth appeared on a photo taken in 1990 by the Voyager spacecraft, 6 billion Km into its incredible journey.

I like this 3-minutes YouTube version, set to Dr. Sagan’s own voice, because it reminds me that there’s probably no extraterrestrial cavalry coming to humanity’s rescue anytime soon.

I wonder if they have Culture Days on Alpha Centauri? 😉