Personal Development Plans Sliced And Diced

Corporate personal development plans (PDP) might not always be the most exciting of topics to blog about, but there are two important points embedded within how PDPs function that potential career changers ought to consider:

  • 50% of the big projects you will be asked (more like tasked!) to do during the year will never make it onto your PDP. (That’s because nobody’s heard of them at the time the PDP is signed off and they appear out of the blue as business needs.)

  • You won’t even have enough allocated project time to complete the known and documented 50%!

What’s this gloomy scenario got to do with potential career change?

Well, if you’re going to make ANY progress at all, your major career goal for the year has to be on that PDP (or your private version of the corporate version, if privacy is warranted.)

Of course it’s ultimately your call as to whether your current employer should know anything about your plans for career change: Do-your-own-research and make sure to Cover-Your-A$$ets.

There may be occasions (e.g. succession planning) where it is prudent and rewarding to be open with whatever career transition you are embarking on.

However, I do recognize that for many of you it will be necessary to keep your plans confidential while you make slow but steady progress in your spare time.

Just keep on keeping on!