Perfection Part 2

If you haven’t done so, then please read part 1:
Perfection In Such An Average Day.

Well, my average day actually stretched through the weekend and included these 5 simple highlights:

  1. Attending a School Choir and Band Concert.

  2. Going For a Run after 10 days off with a cold.

  3. Enjoying a couple of Beers at home.

  4. Late night Reading.

  5. Listening to my daughter strum her guitar.

Fairly straightforward pleasures, right?

What intrigues me is that each are comprised of many average moments, yet add up into something I enjoy and often want to repeat.

For example, take going for a run.

In successive moments I am:

  • Choosing to run Sunday morning and skip breakfast (as the weather’s lovely at 9am but would be too hot a few hours later)

  • Picking my running kit out.

  • Doing the Yoga stretch routine I use as warm-up.

  • Walking through the park to get to the part I can run on.

  • Feeling the sun, the wind and the ground on my feet as I move from a shuffle to a jog to a wee bit faster running.

In fact, I could probably write out another ten moments of perfection that occurred to me over the time I spent going for a run. And ditto for the other four highlights I noted above.

But I&‘ll spare you that, except to say: Get to work on finding your own perfection in an average day.

Although such physical moments are temporary, there need be no shortage throughout life. (Think of it as a supply and demand issue!)