Online Goal Setting For 2011. Special E-Coaching Offer

[Online Goal Setting, March 2012 Update:
The goal creation maps site is being refreshed. Follow my twitter account, markmcclure2day, for news of that project.]

The quote below is from Brian Tracy’s book, Maximum Achievement (Chp 5: The Master Skill, page 138), one of the few self-help books I recommend to people interested in learning how to set and achieve goals.

Success Equals Goals And All Else Is Commentary.

From my experience over the years, it seems many people avoid or even loathe the whole process of setting goals.

There are probably two main reasons for such behavior:

  1. People don’t know how to set, monitor and adjust their own goals.

  2. People are busy achieving, sometimes unknowingly but often reluctantly, other people’s goals.

Setting Goals is a Skill

Fortunately, reason number one is a skill that can be learned and improved on, at any age. It requires just time and effort.

Number two is trickier to overcome because other people can be family, friends, colleagues, bosses, even celebrities and sports stars.

Add in a fear of failure / embarrassment plus a trained desire to conform / please and it’s no surprise that goal setting gets a bum rap.

The Value Of an Experienced Coach

And that’s when an experienced coach can be a good investment. Someone who can act as an independent sounding board and mirror for your plans, hopes and dreams.

This was my experience five years ago as I began to plan a mid-career change. I had lots of ideas, some vague and others that were detailed but wildly optimistic. My coach became a trusted confidante who didn’t belittle my clumsy or ill-conceived goals with withering criticism, sarcasm or indifference.

Instead, she patiently listened but astutely called me on the what, where, when, how and why of these invariably conflicting goals. This is what I mean by sounding board and mirror.

She didn’t tell me what I should be doing. Rather, she let me thread these stories about my possible future together in my own way and in my own time (it took about 5 sessions, if I recall correctly, over a couple of months).

Some future stories I could choose to discard while others morphed into the various freelance activities I’m pursuing today.

Discover How To Set Incredible Yet Reachable Goals

Inspired by the progress I’d made with my coach, in the Spring of 2007 I set out to create an online, home-study course that shows people how to create meaningful and practical goals. Here’s a screenshot from one of the course videos:

goal setting 2011 online home study course

And while the course delivers everything it promises, I still hear from people who have problems in following through and completing the material.

A small number are unable to even get started.

What to do? What to do?

I had no plans to offer 1:1 phone coaching around goal setting at that price point. Especially as my own copywriting career was gathering momentum and requiring more time and attention.

And so the course remained as an ideal way for self-starters to discover and set their goals.

Nonetheless, my coaching persona still wants to find a way to be creative and help people create goals they can believe and achieve. I’m thinking about starting a goal setting membership site next year where people can get e-coaching support and help on a regular basis.

How that pans out is yet to be decided but as a test, I’m going to introduce the following e-coaching service.

One Month of Email Coaching Support Plus lifetime Access to the Goal Creation Maps Online Course

Here’s how this e-coaching service will work in the testing phase:

  1. You purchase the online course at the standard price of US$ 67.

  2. You send me your email receipt and tell me that you want the e-coaching option at no extra cost. (This is a benefit only available via this blog.)

  3. I’ll reply to you within ome business day with the e-coaching email address, and then we begin!

To keep things manageable for us both, you can email me one question/issue each day (for a full calendar month) that is connected with what you’re doing on the goal creation maps course.
I’ll reply to this email in as much detail as necessary within 2 business days, often sooner.

(Please note that business day means Monday to Friday, excluding any Japanese National Holidays. And the time zone is Japan Standard Time.)

But you must act soon.

This Offer Expires Midnight Tuesday 30th November.

As I’m busy with other projects I can only except a limited number of clients for email coaching. If you’re ready to start today, then head over to this link and click the order button at the bottom of the page.


(Aug. 2014 Update: The course is free to view on YouTube, and the transcripts are on the website.)

The offer expires at Midnight on Tuesday 30th November in any timezone!