One of the World’s Fastest Growing Professions

Here’s a seasonal gift that might just change your life.

It did mine.

One of the catalysts for my 2007 career change was enrolling with the International Coach Academy(ICA) back in January 2005.

The bank I was employed at had a very good personal development program (PDP) as part of their overall performance appraisal system.

And since I’d expressed an interest in volunteering to coach and mentor other (mainly IT) employees, my managers were open to someone outside of HR and Training/Development picking up some practical skills.

So, I made a simple business case, added it to my PDP, signed up and paid for the course myself via credit card.

Hopefully to be reimbursed later. (And I was).

I learned a ton about life, career coaching and mentoring over the 18 months it took me to graduate in June of 2006.

Self-Coaching is a Learned Skill

In particular, I found I was as interested in self-coaching as in coaching others. And, with hindsight, a very useful skill set for a career changer!

This ‘self-coaching’ as I term it, provided a supportive and compassionate feedback system for a lot of the questions going through my head; mainly questions about mid-life career change. Ya know, the usual stuff!

As things turned out, the IT outsourcing genie made its appearance better known in late 2006.

I then made my wish, in somewhat of an ‘open sesame’ style, and left to pursue other interests in the Spring of 2007.

So I didn’t get an opportunity to help start a formal in-house mentoring program that time round.

And the gift I mentioned at the start of this post?

Well, the ICA folks are having a free teleseminar all about the ‘Power Of Coaching;.

Like most gifts of value the recipient need to be willing to receive it.

And to taking those first tiny actions of actually opening and using it.

If you feel an urge to find out more about what coaching can do for you - as a new career option, a supportive resource or even, as it was for me, a catalyst for change - then go ahead and call in.

And if you don’t, that’s fine; there will be other gifts as this blog learns to crawl and then stand on it’s own digital feet 🙂

I will be on the call too, via Skype, if I can get it to work.
5pm NY is 7am next day in Tokyo, so I may be in snooze mode!