New Year Japanese Style

I’ve just come back from a New Year’s feast at my Japanese relatives’ house.

Fish (sashimi), various meats, vegetables and an endless supply of beer, wine and sake were the highlights, along with sundry side dishes and snacks. All elaborately prepared over the previous couple of days.

Every year my In-laws seem to outdo their previous lavish effort at entertaining close family circle, and I’m privileged to be included in the celebrations.

New Year Japanese meal

As I mentioned in a previous post, Xmas is but a warm-up for the main Japanese New Year celebrations.

Yesterday (1 Jan) we visted a local Shinto temple, along with hundreds of others, and did the customary prayer for good luck, health and happiness in the days ahead.

And then today, in glorious cold (10C) but sunny weather, we gave thanks for the year just past and hope for the best in the days ahead.

The Japanese people I know well are both pragmatic and superstitious and in a land regularly ravaged by typhoons, earthquakes and volcanoes, this has probably been a very necessary survivalist approach.

New Year Sashimi dish

Still, there’s a tremendous warmth and affection reserved for those who are considered part of a group,; be it family, club or company.

I find it similar to the cameradie and craic for which Irish people are renowned for.

Except that there is a greater variety and attention paid to food, in both the preparation and the serving of.

Although most company business will probably begin again from week of Monday 5th, entrepreneurs like myself have already begun our efforts anew in this Year of the Ox.

Right after today’s blog post is published I will return to working on my web site. I plan to announce real soon the availability of another aspect of my creative abilities: freelance copywriting and ghostwriting for the web. (If you’re interested in hiring me for such quality services, stay tuned to this blog for a post launching my writing services.)

(2020-02-22: Update I closed the samuraiwriter website to concentate on writing fiction.)