Never miss a Book post


OK! Fantastic. The mines of creativity are ready for extraction. Meanwhile, back in my world of indie sci-fi writing here’s what’s cooking:

  1. Resolved not to buy another book until I’ve finished with my now bulging eBook and dead tree libraries.

  2. Abandoned all regular social media activity except for Twitter. Yes, dear old Twitter, digital warts and all. Twitter’s where I’ll spend the majority of limited time and energy on the ins and outs of author platform building.

Funnily enough, I also deleted my LinkedIn profile weeks ago in a fit of pique and the world has not ended. As for Facepalm, I removed myself from all but a handful of writing groups.

  1. Ended my embryonic efforts to build a private email newsletter list. Building the list is a tactic many internet marketers are laser-focused on mainly because it continues to work so well. Its postal mail antecedent, direct mail (aka junk mail), also delivers results judging by the flood of targeted mailers we get in our post box here in Japan.

I still intend to build an email list of interested readers, and the basic platform for doing this is now active on this website. However, it’s going to require the existence of surprise, surprise a number of relevant books from me before any of this marketing sizzle delivers the goods. And that’s OK.

I wrote email autoresponder copy in a previous freelance life for a variety of clients, and that experience should be helpful when it comes to creating my own. However, I will not be writing newsletters that subscribers can only access by first subscribing to a list. Instead, the majority of posts will be published on this blog for all to read.

The primary benefits of choosing to subscribe via email will be:

  • to get early bird access to limited time offers on new releases.

  • to receive news about sales and other special offers.

  • to not miss a post by choosing either to get an email about each post as it’s made OR just a monthly email digest of posts. I am publishing twice per month at present but that may increase in the future if/when I sort out an editorial calendar.

And of course, the RSS feed option remains for visitors who prefer not to sign up to email lists.