My Coaching BlogRoll

(Oct 2011 Update: I will be removing my Blogroll soon and replacing it with a post describing the blogs I follow.)

I’ve just added a coaching blogroll to this site - see the right hand column.

As time goes by I’ll expand the list to include other career coaching and personal development blogs I like to follow.

But to start with, I’m including two great coaches I’m proud to know in person.

Jacinta Hin was my first career change coach a few years ago and is highly recommended. Multilingual, patient yet firmly persistent, she is a coaching rock of strength to have on anyone’s team.

I’d reason to be grateful to her a while back as I was in a bit of a funk about some career related issues, and she helped me gain some much-needed fresh perspective.

Charles Burke is a mentoring friend who I’ve met just once in person, but we chat monthly via Skype.

This guy doesn’t believe in sitting on his hands when it comes to making career changes and is also a prolific writer and exceptional coach.

He’s recently moved with his wife from Japan to Northern Thailand and is living life to the fullest.

PS My Coaching blogroll is NOT a list of recommended coaches and resources, per se.
It’s more of a personal work in progress as I come across people interested enough in career change and personal growth to write about them online.

I have no control over the content of any blogs and sites linked to from this blog (unless I own them!) Caveat emptor.