My Book Progress: Professional Edition

After testing out the free version of the My Book Progress plugin for a while, I finally took the plunge and bought a license for their professional version.

Online visitors can now check on the status of works-in-progress and also get future email updates by clicking on Get Book Updates. (At present this is the same list as for my quarterly email newsletter.)


The heart icon shown below is a nice touch for readers to nudge the author to update the book’s status and encourage them to keep writing. We authors do spend a lot of time writing alone and it’s comforting to know that there are readers out there willing the book on to completion.


And when a visitor completes their short message and clicks on Send Love, the heart icon glows and a message lets them know that I will receive it.


Underneath is what I see after logging in to update the book’s status and to check on those nudges and messages of encouragement.


I am looking forward to releasing The Zelkova Sphere and the two other books in this time travel series during 2018. Your nudges and messages of encouragement are very welcome!

2020-6 Update: Migrating this site from a Wordpress blog to a staict site means this plugin is no longer required. I do appreciate the effort that went into making a good product.