My 2012/1220 Vision

Well, having seen the epic comedy (I kid you not!), 2012, on New Year’s Eve , I thought I’d get my own 2012 stuff out of the way and be done with it.

For a budget of mere electrons and neurons by the million, here’s what is probably going down between now and Christmas Eve 2012 (I’m an incurable optimist.)

By the way, interleaved with any of these possible outcomes is the disappearance of some well known career paths alongside the emergence (or re-emergence, perhaps) of many more.

  1. The realities of peak oil production and extraction rates will become common knowledge.

(I’ve no idea what supply and demand curves will look like though. Pretty steep in some countries, I expect.)

  1. The limitations of an infinite growth model will become apparent and ultimately lead to the fracturing and realignment of multiple political, social and economic systems around the world.

  2. The military forces of countries who should know better will be busy staking claims all over largely ice-free polar regions.

  3. The Chinese Yuan will (for all practical purposes) no longer be pegged with the US Dollar. Big time wild card.

  4. And the outlier is Voyager 2 encounters an ETI who looks exactly like the imagined offspring of the characters played by Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen in the 1984 SF movie, Starman.

In the words of the promo video clip:

Company’s coming.

How I loved that movie.

But goofy ole Forrest Gump beat the alien to the Oscars.