My 2008 Goals

In a previous post on “goal setting template 2008” you saw a simple mind mapping technique I use for goal setting with myself and those clients who are open to it.

Now it’s time to play spot the difference! If you right click on the image in this post you can download the 2008 goal map I recently created for myself.

(Actually, it’s a 15 minute edit of the work I did in April 2007).

This is a one page mind map that covers the personal visions, roles and goals that I have identified in various categories of my life.

In the goal creation maps course I shared in some detail how I came up with OG, PB, Dumb and smart goals in the career and health categories. (Sounds like a bit like a supermarket!)

In all categories I use keywords (or acronyms, a legacy of my IT career!!) to describe and trigger what it is I am looking to be, do or achieve.

And where necessary, additional contextual detail is added in the form of brief notes that are off map. In the MindGenius software this can be done in a note pad area and then the whole map can be exported into a MS-word or acrobat PDF format. I have a .doc version of the map but mainly refer to the map itself and have a printed copy near to my work area.

Although I have chosen to share the whole map on the public space of this blog, I have not (and probably will not) identify the meaning and significance of every single goal. This is because I value my privacy in some areas and my family members certainly do. But I have no issue sharing my career change and health goals and aspirations.

Of course, not everyone will use a mind map to do this type of goal setting and life planning. Some people are happy with making a list of goals.

I understand that. The map is simply a tool. As is a list. The real power is in the creative choices you elect to make and then take action on. I just happen to like mind maps because I believe they are a wonderful tool for both teaching and coaching a mind open to considering change.