Mind The Gap

New Year’s Eve is an important part of the Japanese holiday calendar and we are fortunate this year, despite various family illness issues, to be able to enjoy seeing out the old and welcoming in the new.

2017 is the year of the rooster so it might be a noisy one!

In between eating and drinking, I hope to finish reading Priscilla Long’s wonderful new book, Minding The Muse.

Ms. Long is a inspirational writer with a gift for teaching the essentials of craft and discipline centered around a lifelong love of practice.
(I wrote about her writing practice book, The Writer’s Portable Mentor earlier this year.)

Although Minding the Muse is just over one hundred pages, each of the fourteen chapters delves into the habits, beliefs and working ways of creatives in a number of art forms. The chapters close with questions for readers to reflect on with respect to their own artistic pursuits and aspirations.

Stirring stuff, indeed and I highly recommend it for new writers just beginning to get a handle on what their muse (or however an artist accounts for creativity and inspiration) is all about.


For those familiar with the public address system on the London underground train system, it seems that my muse has been waiting a long time for muggins here to become aware of her.

Mind the Gap will therefore be my creative catchphrase for 2017 and Priscilla Long’s book is a delightful step in the right direction.

Happy New Year!