Mid-Career Change Update 1

Note: Please read my post from Dec 2008, This Mid-Career Change I Can Believe In, to help put the following into context.

Well, it’s rapidly approaching that time of the year again. No, not Christmas! While the season to be jolly can be a lot of fun, I’m talking about something much more important:

  • Goal Setting For 2010

In this short post I want to mention briefly my plans for 2010 and how they’ve evolved from the experience of the last twelve months.

Two things I’;m fairly sure of:

  1. Goals > Action > Feedback > Evaluate > Updated Goals

  2. Goals are most attractive when seen as plastic and malleable because the mallet of experience can both shape and shatter.

I haven’t firmed up my 2010 Career Goals but the general theme is looking as in this diagram (made using FreeMind):

midcareer change mind map

1- Personal Growth: I’m continuing my conscious journey along the highways of personal growth, learning as I go. And this blog remains the public vehicle for those travels and adventures. Expect detours from time to time.

2- Freelance Writing: This creative aspect continues to express itself and I feel good about continuing the apprenticeship. There’s much to learn (and earn!).

3- Teaching: The opportunity to teach has been an enjoyable trip down memory lane. Back once again to the 27-year old who left education for more money and excitement and found a little of both. Indeed, I reckon we’ve gained much worth sharing from the time spent apart 😉

And as for the tech career coaching and IT consulting roles?

These are going to take a well-earned retirement because life (personal and professional) will be productively busy enough in 2010.

I will continue to incorporate coaching skills into pretty much everything I do but will not be offering 1-1 coaching any longer.

The domain names for and will be allowed to expire and the sites will no longer be live. (The sidebar links from this blog to those sites will be removed shortly.)

In a future post (hopefully before 2009 is over), I’ll share something of the process (goal creation maps) I use to review and set meaningful goals for 2010 and beyond.