Message to My Daughter

What do you tell teens growing up in an Internet-enabled world where images of war and suffering, death and pain, loyalty and sacrifice, are but a click away?

I came across a very moving story today and decided to share its message with my 15 year old.

To my daughter,

I know the story’s heartbreaking to read but you&‘re old enough now to understand that even in the midst of conflict and suffering, surrounded by death and carnage, there are still little pockets of love.

Here’s a very beautiful and poignant example.

What moved me most was that soldier and dog were in the business of saving lives, not in taking them.

Look carefully at the top photograph and spare a thought for the lives and the sacrifice of L/Cpl Liam Tasker and Theo.

Please remember that you and I are both fortunate to live in a peaceful country, and to experience the joy and companionship a dog can bring. Yes, their time here was cut tragically short, but that iconic photo has captured forever a very deep truth well known to dog lovers, and will probably become a source of great comfort to those who knew and loved them.

Wherever life takes you, be well and be happy.