Merry Christmas! We are All Connected

To each other, biologically. To the Earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, atomically.

For the first time since starting to earn a living in 1982, I’ve worked on Christmas Day. Shock, horror!

But all things considered, it was just fine. Especially, as I was teaching a course on a topic close to my heart; Science, Society and the Search for Meaning.

While the movie adaption of Carl Sagan’s riveting novel, Contact, formed the centerpiece of this course, we occasionally diverged into areas such as Special Relativity, Religious Fanaticism and the paucity of female role models for aspiring scientists in Hollywood’s commercial world view.

This post opened with a quote from one of the inspiring video clips on John Boswell’s website, symphony of science

Taken to heart, these three statements could profoundly influence the future of humanity for the better (IMHO), as we enter this second decade of the 21st Century.