Losing My LinkedIn Virginity

For some months now I’ve been replying to career and coaching-related questions in the Q&A section of LinkedIn. I’m up to the grand total of thirty which impresses me but pales in comparison to those who do that many in one day!

I’ve learned a lot from many of the comments left by others, as well as from how some of the more prolific posters work the digital room.

A good example is when I reply to one of their questions and then get an email through the LinkedIn system both thanking me and inviting me to connect. (The really savvy ones ask me to send the request so, I guess, they reduce their risk of being reported for alleged spamming.)

After a few of these out-of-the-blue connection requests, (after all, I don’t know these folks and their email reply often gives no compelling reason why I should accept), I realized that I too was at fault because my own LinkedIn virtual real estate is distinctly under developed, and gives no clue as to my personal rules on accepting requests and on making future recommendations on their behalf to valued contacts within my network.

Well, that’s going to change by the turn of the year because I’ve come across the excellent work of brand engagement strategist Krishna De.

She’s based in Ireland and if you go check out her LinkedIn page, just look at how she’s presented herself in the Summary, Experience and Additional Information sections.

Krishna has clear and precise guidelines for how to engage with her personal brand and her tribe on LinkedIn. I like that.

(2018 Jan Update: I took my LinkedIn profile down and it’s now hiding in a data center closet somewhere. Maybe later.)