Longer Life

I’ve a soft spot for coaching moments that come to me during the day in the most unexpected ways.

A week or so ago I learned that the singer / songwriter, Dan Fogelberg had passed away just before Christmas.

He was 56.

On reading this sad news my thoughts drifted back to the student I am in 1980. And to those Saturday evenings spent relaxing in the bath after a hard training session, listening to the DJs do their thing on local FM radio.

Two songs often played stay with me even now.

One was Sailing, by Christopher Cross.

The other was Longer, by Dan Fogelberg.

At the time I knew nothing of the love possible between man and woman. Yes, hormones raged but, if I’m honest, my heart was unmoved. (And besides, I’d been seduced by the running track&‘s beauty and the thrill of that chase!)

Now, 28 years later, my heart’s indeed been touched on the journey through life. Very deeply.
So much so, that I can often be moved to tears by lyrics alone.

Perhaps it’s just more culturally acceptable for grown men to cry in Japan. At least that’s what I’ve noticed, though bawling gaijins (foreigners) might be the exception!

To me, Longer is the loving poetry of genius.

Has this anything to do with career change?
I honestly don&‘t know.
But long after career means little, Dan Fogelberg’s poetry sings on.

PS: Dan suffered and died from advanced prostate cancer, first diagnosed in August 2004. [Dan Fogelbeg’s Home Page] ( mentions the importance of men getting checked annually for prostate issues.

There is a simple PSA blood test and also the DRE (digital rectal exam). I had both a few years ago during my annual company health check in Japan. The DRE was painless; just a tad embarassing for a man to lie in a foetal position and have a doctor insert a gloved finger. The DRE took about 1 minute or less if I recall correctly.

My only fear was that I might have to visit the bathroom in mid-examination lol! But that was silly because for my health check (it takes a couple of hours) I had to have my final meal and liquid by 8pm previous evening and bring a stool sample in the morning. So, by the time of the DRE test, I had little to go on, if you know what I mean!

Having said all that, I have not been checked for a couple of years. And I did have a relative who alas also suffered in a similar way to Dan. My next preventative action step is clear. To any middle aged men reading this; and you?