LinkedIn Locked and Loaded

(2018 Jan. Update: I have disabled my LI account for the time being.)

I wrote last month about plans to update my LinkedIn profile.

I just spent a couple of hours doing that by following the guidelines laid down by Krishna De.

In addition to a contact-focussed summary section, I’ve also added connection request guidelines, my blog’s feed and some Amazon book recommendations, plus two new widget apps released by the LinkedIn team.
All seems to be working.

As things currently stand I don’t have a single, specific brand I want to stamp around the virtual world; my emphasis is on mid-career transition.

(Actually, it’s a form of slash (/) mid-career transition, made up of coaching / writing / consulting / teaching. If you’re curious, Marci Alboher has a book titled, One Person / Multiple Careers, which I haven’t yet read but looks very similar to what I am about. BTW, Marci’s describing her current roles as journalist /author/ speaker. I think she was a lawyer before that.)

Since some of my target mid-career coaching prospects are within the LinkedIn universe, and possibly also future ghostwriting and copywriting clients, I consider it worthwhile to display multiple hats there.

Next task is to get some peeps who knew me to write up glowing recommendations, and I’m all set.