Life is sweet, so sweet

Those are Dr Glenn Singleman’s words shortly after he and Nic Feteris set the world record for Altitude BASEjumping with their 1992 leap from a ledge, 5950 metres up the Great Trango Tower in Pakistan.

Fourteen years later, and after 23 days of climbing and waiting for a weather window, Glenn and his wife Heather successfully made a wingsuit BASEjump from a ledge on the east face of India&‘s Mt Meru at 6604m on 23rd May, 2006.

This broke Glenn’s 1992 record, as well as the wingsuit BASE altitude record.

Incredible as Glenn’s achievements are, what drew me to their story was how Heather changed from a corporate mom to an exploring, authoring and extreme sports adventuring mom!

She’s written a book, No Ceiling, which describes how she broke though (often painfully, and not without struggle or sacrifice) both external and self-imposed barriers to achievement and fulfillment.

While BASEjumping may be beyond the physical reach or the interests of most mere mortals, Glenn and Heather’s story is a triumphant metaphor for personal and professional change.

And I was reminded once again of the potential for change and improvement latent within each of us.

There’s an incredibly uplifting 3-minutes clip of Heather and Glenn at work and play, the first part appears to to be the Mt. Meru Basejump.
Great choice of music too.