Life is Either A Daring Adventure

Life is Either A Daring Adventure…Or it is nothing.

So wrote Helen Keller.

I sense that Paul Potts is living his.

Just look at what’s happened to him this past year.

He’s been catapulted from being a nice guy selling mobile phones to a potential international singing star. I see he’s coming to Tokyo end of April, after concerts in Australia and New Zealand.

What brought this on was his dream of singing opera and the courage to take a chance in front of a live audience and millions of TV viewers.

Truly, a big step for an amateur singer who admits his self esteem is not where it should be. Yet prepared to run the risk of receiving ridicule and scorn from expert musicians and armchair critics (see the comments in YouTube and on the site where his CD One Chance is listed. There is some adult language, so be warned.)

To be honest, I have no issue with music critics and their professional reviews. They see and hear much that the layperson misses. Given without pretension, such opinions are of value and often informative and entertaining for the reader.

And perhaps Paul’s talent is indeed less than stellar (I think he freely admits his limitations on some of the interviews I’ve come across) and his voice may never technically match a trained professional.

In twelve months (an eternity in Internet time) the music company promotional hoopla may have died down and we hear little more of Paul and his opera singing dream. Critics are overjoyed and I told you so becomes their caustic chorus.

Who cares what they think!

While many of these naysayers have some valid observations on Paul’s technique and abilities, they are missing the point completely. (By the way, I draw the line at personal attacks. People doing that have issues and should seek professional help.)

I believe that Paul has managed with both his voice and humility to remind people of their dreams; those frozen fantasies I skated over when writing about Al Secunda’s book, The 15-Second Principle.

Paul’s taking a shot at really living his dream and it is that combination of emotion, passion and humility which many people are connecting with, big time.

It certainly looks like he’s not going to die with his music still in him.

And you?