I have Joined The Care and Cure Happy Club

The right hand side of my mouth is still numb as I write this post.
Yes, that&‘s right. I’ve been at the dentist.

After adopting an out of sight, out of mind approach for nearly 3 years, I finally plucked up the courage to go for a checkup.

Six visits later, 3 cavities have been drilled and filled!
At a cost to me, of course, in time, money and discomfort.

But never fear, the Care and Cure Happy Club are here!

(I think my dentist has been listening to his small business marketing consultant again. This style of cute marketing is very acceptable in Japan.)

What this means is that the dentist’s chief happiness officer will send a reminder postcard and also give me a call in another three months.

And next time I’ll be sure to pay attention.

A dental checkup is a good example of those important but not urgent (IBNU) tasks we sometimes put off until the last minute.

Career review is another IBNU task that people never quite get started on but it’s also the base camp for those few brave souls starting a climb up the slippery slopes of Mount Career Change.

By the way, have you noticed that most successful ascents have employed knowledgeable and trustworthy guides?

An excellent career change coach plays a similar role by helping you navigate a path to the summit and live to tell the tale! (No drilling required.)