Is This The Real life? Is This Just Fantasy?

Yesterday was my weekly social networking research slot; the time when I choose to spend several hours just looking for information on successful career changers. (Although I enjoy it, this is a task just begging to be outsourced.)

Some of these folks I may write about in future and perhaps even build business relationships with, if the karma is good.

After reading Lea Woodward’s post on the rules of Location Independent Living, lyrics from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody just popped into my head and ultimately became this post’s title. Lord knows why, but I decided that intuitive jingle made it worthwhile checking them out.

Lea and her husband are now LIPs - Location Independent Professionals, in their early-30s. I mention them here because they’re both career changers and from Lea’s success blog I learned she was previously a corporate citizen with Accenture (UK) for some years.

What I like about the Woodwards is their warts and all accounts of the LIP lifestyle in places like Argentina, Canada, Grenada and Dubai.

There are no six-figure book advances; well, at least not yet. And being a conscientious pet owner, I particularly enjoyed the dog-poo story as another perspective to that of the tango dancing Tim Ferriss.

I’m sure they’ll go far. (Or further. Or both!)