Invisible Target

There’s a plastic stand on my desk, just to the left of my monitor, which can hold five CDs.

That’s originally what I bought it for.

invisible stretch goal target

But after my giving up session I had no need for this one and was thinking of recycling it too.

Then the thought came to me that my goal of publishing 6 information products in the career coaching market would include a number of physical products.

Two of them are shown in this photo:

  • The Goal Creation Maps CD course.

  • The IT Career Engineer’s Special Video Report.

The third product is not a physical one - it’s a coaching service.

Oct 2011 Update: The two CD courses above are no longer available for general sale.

That leaves 3 products.
And wouldn&‘t you know it, the CD holder can fit in just 3 more CDs!

So, I have my goal visualization tool sitting right on my desk. All I have to do is to see that empty space filled up with three more CD or DVD cases.

Of course I want these products to be of tremendous benefit and value to my customers and clients (only a minority of customers become coaching clients, which is as it should be.)

Some ideas for future products are:

  1. Procrastination and Career change.
  2. Self-Coaching For Career and Life Change.
  3. The Spiritual Workplace.
  4. Creating Your Dream Career.
  5. Mid-Life Career Change.

Feel free to leave a comment here with your first choice product from the four above, or suggest one of your own.

I’ll start work on whatever gets the most votes, with mine being the casting vote in event of a tie.

Please comment before end of 23 Feb 2008.

[Updated: Comments on this post have been closed as of 30 March 2008.]