Creating Goals on a 1-Page Mind Map; An Introduction

Yesterday I introduced the idea of big goals as an indication of your broader career vision (or visionary blueprint).

But big goals (or OG goals as I refer to them) are only 1 of 4 types of goals I am aware of, each of which can be created in one or more major areas of your life.

And are easily fitted on a one-page mind map (software is optional; paper maps work fine).

You can find out more by watching this 5 minute YouTube video. Follow the link at the end of the video to get your free 14-page report.

I will be referring to the contents of this report from time to time here on this blog, especially as it relates to successful career change.

(Sorry about the occasional blurring, as the screen focus is varied using Camtasia studio software. I am learning a lot about making simple screencast videos so please bear with me.)