Launching The Information Technology (IT) Career Mentoring Special Report

(Oct 2011 Update: This product is no longer available for general sale and the itcareerengineer web site has been discontinued.)

IT Career Engineer Special Video Report

The premise of my business and this blog is all about achieving the dream of successful career change by using goals, coaching and mentoring.

Goal setting and coaching are what I call generic skills and can be applied to many areas where change and personal growth is desired.

However, mentoring’s somewhat different.

An effective mentor is someone who has walked the walk, and learned through experience over the years.

That means most people are only qualified to mentor in certain specific areas.

In practical terms you will probably find that your mentors and coaches are different people. That’s fine; variety adds spice to life.

And anyway, professional mentor-coaches in specialist areas are few and far between. Not always, though.

If you’re an IT engineer or team leader looking to get the best from your career (and your talents) then I’m an example of where coaching and mentoring abilities merge with IT career experience.

That’s because I was an IT Professional from 1987 (yes, we had computers back then lol!) to April 2007.

And I’ve blended those 20 years of IT experience with a unique career coaching and mentoring flavour (change-your-game) to produce this special video report, available only on CD.

Remember, you’ll get a bargain basement price if you are subscribed to my blog email announcement list (see the sign up box just under my photograph on the right hand side of this blog) before the launch date. This special price will be for a limited time, usually 48 hours, to encourage and reward those who take action. (Oct 2011 update: Link removed.)

The order link for the 48 hour special will only be available to my subscriber list from Thursday 17 January 2008 at 7am New York time.

You can get more information here. (Oct 2011 update: Link removed.)