In the Bleep Midwinter

A quick writing update as the Tokyo days get longer and Earth begins to draw away again from the Sun.

Software Tool for Story Outlining:
There are tons of tools aimed at meeting the outlining needs of writers.
I use TaskPaper on the Mac for both to do lists and story outlining. Works great.
However, as the developer has stopped updating the iOS version, no more peeks on the iPhone for me. Probably a good thing.

Turn Genres on their head
I enjoyed watching this hour-long Google+ video chat with hybrid-publishing superstar, Hugh Howey.

He’s a living inspiration to me of how talent, persistence and timing are a potent career catalyst. (I was going to add luck to the triad but thought better of it because anyway, luck’s just a code for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. And Hugh’s put in his fair share of wordsmith laboring before this breakout occurred.)

I was also fascinated by how Hugh writes in multiple genres because this is who he is as a writer. He also mentioned that new writers might be best to turn genres on their head and create something unique in style and content, especially in a digital world where many (new) authors are self-publishing novels to fit what they are being told are best-selling moulds and niches.

Readers will tire of books that are but clones of others in style and substance. Plus, it’s damned hard to get noticed in a packed house of mirrors.

Hmm, he speak wise words.
How about this for an integrated genre field to play in?

quantum fiction science fiction integral