ICA Coaches In Japan

Over the coming months I’d like to introduce you to a unique group of coaches living and working in Japan.

Most are foreigners and all are remarkable people who have some connection with the widely regarded International Coaching Academy (ICA).

What brought this idea about?

My life coaching friend and fellow ICA class-of-2006 graduate Jacinta Hin and I have chatted before about ways of bringing the coaching abilities and experiences of Japan-based ICA students and graduates to a wider audience; and not just in Tokyo or Japan, but worldwide.

The initial concept I have in mind is a simple website to help showcase each ICA-trained coach.

It’s also my intention to publish their original coaching-themed articles on the site to help illustrate the diversity of coaching niches and models that the group encompasses.

In addition to meeting up several times per year, I believe a web presence will not only help build online camaraderie among English-speaking ICA coaches in Japan but, more importantly, prospective clients will be able to see that these coaches are not just living, working and coaching in isolation (Tokyo/Japan’s a big, busy place and it’s easy to be swallowed up with everyday existence.)

And while there are lots of coaches and coaching websites out there, I hope you’ll discover how the ICA-trained Japan crewbring a wealth of multicultural, multilingual and inspirational skills to the world of coaching.

Now, people do come and go from this country, so it’s inevitable that some of the coaches featured on the site will no longer be in Japan. That’s just part of life in the Land of the Rising Sun.

People move.

Lives, careers and aspirations change, even those of coaches!

But I believe you’ll find that this group are doing their best to walk the talk that coaches are so fond of assisting clients to freely choose for themselves.

Anyhow, I need to get the website into production before I can say much more.

If there are any ICA-trained (or currently in-training) coaches who I haven’t yet met in Japan, and who are interested in being featured on the new site, please contact me via this blog.
(There’s a one-time, non-refundable charge of 1,000 Yen to cover my basic time and expenses.)

[2012 March Update: I did create a Coaches in Japan website but took it down recently because of extra workload and a focus on other writing projects.]