I Should be Writing. Thank You, Dr. John Yeoman

I posted here about Dr. John Yeoman’s course for writers in June 2014. You can read it by clicking i-should-be-writin

John Yeoman was his pen name. Even knowing this, the Yeoman angle only reinforced my impression of a polite, literate, successful and helpful gentleman.

Isn’t it both strange and wonderful how connections can grow between two people who have never met in person? It’s kind of like pen friends of yore, when letters and stamps and airmail meant much more than they do in today’s digital era. I fit that description of friendship to a T. This was of course a business relationship first and foremost, because I was an online student of his course. But I was also an avid reader of his delightful blog posts and comments.

And even though I finished up the course in early 2016, I still harboured a hope of one day meeting him for a pint and a ploughman’s lunch in one of the many charming pubs that dot the English countryside where John lived.

Alas, that is not to be, as the good Doctor passed away peacefully, but all too soon, earlier this summer. I mourn his loss. And I celebrate the wit and the wisdom he brought to the craft, and to the business of creative writing. I am glad and proud to have been one of the many students he helped to take their first fledgling steps on the road to becoming a published writer.