How To Market Yourself In The Shower

Just how far would you (legally) go to get your ideal job?

What impressed me most about Eric Romer’s pursuit of an online marketing role with was how he got their attention by using the very skills they were searching for.

headblader daily routine

Here are four specific things he did:

  1. Made an engaging YouTube Video under the targeted name hiremeheadblade& (Aug. 2014 Update: Video links appears to be private) that showed him using their products, and demonstrating a good understanding of what makes them so attractive.

  2. Created a very compelling wordpress blog at (which as of March 2012, had fulfilled its original purpose; the domain name is now being used by someone else.

  3. Got involved via Twitter with HeadBlade and others who could help.

  4. Created a FaceBook page.

In effect, Eric was walking the online career walk, and not merely talking the resume/CV talk.

It was therefore no surprise to learn that HeadBlade’s people got in touch with him within hours of launching his online marketing job hunt campaign.

(I suspect Eric was targeting keywords that HeadBlade were probably tracking using tools such as Google Alerts.)

So what was Eric’s primary goal for all this online branding activity?

Well, I think the strategic goal was, of course, to get hired by HeadBlade. Big time win!

Employers Really Do Check Out Your Online Profile

But the tactical goal was something many job seekers can learn from; and that was (imho) to get an interview. Eric’s use of online tools and personal branding are a great example of the potential offered by social media for savvy people looking to show potential employers what they can offer.

And in an increasingly interconnected world where the educated labor pool continues to grow by the millions each year, smart and ambitious people will need to use all the tools at their disposal to stand out and compete.

To finish this post, take a look at this screenshot from his YouTube page:

Eric Romer Hire Me Headblade

Notice how he has his online contact info in the profile box, as well as tags for searches within YouTube.

Very smart!

Two other nice touches in his hire me campaign were:

  • A thank you YouTube video.

  • A followup blog called, appropriately enough: !!

These are really clever moves because in years to come these digital footprints will remain on the Internet and may come to replace the purpose behind having paper-based resumes and CVs.

Sounds a wee bit outlandish?

Well, in the words of one of the leading online content marketers I’m following, Joe Pulizzi:

I never look at resumes anymore.

That may be ahead of the curve for most HR departments out there in cubicle land, but give it time, give it time 😉

More importantly:

Do You have an Online Social Media Presence and Career Marketing Strategy?

If not, why not?