How To Become a CEO In The Next Five Minutes.

Is your career change stalled?

Perhaps it’s caught in the searchlights of inactivity or of paralysis by analysis. This is not so surprising to me anymore. Why?

Because if you been brought up and passively existed in an environment that encourages stability and conformity, rocking the boat is not exactly received with open arms. Even if it is your boat!

Some potential career changers recognize this early on and may, after building up a lot of frustration over time, suddenly do one of two things:

  1. Capsize their career boat by walking out on their job or starting a business in which they have no expertise or support.

  2. Give up in despair and drift onto the rocks of mindlessness, substance abuse and other reality avoidance activities.

The solution may be easier than you think.

Assume for a few minutes that all of your career goals, options and actions are bobbing up and down on the sea of life, just waiting for you to notice them.

Please pay attention: I feel your promotion coming on.

From this day forward you’re now a CEO; a Career Experience Observer. The captain of your ship. The master or mistress of your vessel.

Let your goals and plans wait awhile: they’re more like the islands and treasures to be discovered on your voyage.

And what does a wise captain do before setting sail? Well, with ownership comes a responsibility to observe and to notice what is really going on:

  • the sea worthiness of the ship.
  • the experience and morale of the crew.
  • the present and forecasted weather.
  • the passage from the safe birth of the harbor to the high seas beyond.

Take ownership of your career change by all means.

But first, dear CEO, tell me what you observe.