Hot Run, Cold Beer, Chilled Horror

Summer’s almost here in Tokyo but this year’s rainy season still has a week or so to run.

I’ve been seated for too many waking hours these past few days and it makes my gammy knee act up.


Fortunately, the rain let up and I ended the day with a delightful barefoot gallop in the local park. For me, running has always been the ideal way to broaden my focus away from the narrow attention demanded by staring at computer screens.

Sweat out the stress and breathe in the freedom.

Finished the experience with a delicious homemade curry, courtesy of my SO.

She’s a horror movie fun and just purchased the DVD version of the Japanese horror classic, Juon.

Our American cocker spaniel is not so keen and retreated to a safe spot under my chair in the study, from where could be heard the faint sound of scratching. Creepy, eh!