Homemade Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake

Today is Valentine’s Day, and in Japan that sees the fair sex leaving small chocolate presents on the desks of selected male co-workers.

Over the years I’ve received beautifully wrapped and absolutely gorgeous gourmet chocolate, all anonymously of course.

And all above board.

Since receiving chocolate is apparently a gift of friendship and not of romantic intentions. For that, some kind of marshmallow thingie’s the food of love. Don’t ask, I know nothing!

Naturally, in give-and-take Japan, payback comes on March 14 when males return the favour with gifts of, you guessed it, white chocolate! (If you’re wondering, yes, I did have to make discrete inquiries as to who sent what, but without asking directly. Maybe it’s just me.)

Oh, to buy stock in Japanese confectionery makers!

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake

So, in the spirit of I wish you everything I wish for myself, and whatever your gender, please enjoy (virtually, alas) this homemade chocolate cakem made by the two greatest ladies in my life, with assistance from a canine floor-licking cleaner called Kuri.