Hire My Husband

Although Michael Stearns earned an MBA from Georgetown University in 2008, the recession’s dented his attempts to land a Bay Area marketing job.

To stand out from the crowd, he (and/or his wife) have turned to the online world and put up the site, (Oct 2011 update: link appears to be broken.)

Michael Stearns job

  1. Simple and easy to navigate.

  2. Resume and contact info very visible.

  3. Social media access to Mike via the business site,

  4. Interesting marketing angle with my husband needs a job.

  5. We see and hear him speak via a YouTube clip.

Mid-career changers can learn a lot from Mike’s use of the Internet to get noticed and even if you are computing challenged, you could have a 5-page web site (or blog) online within a week or so by outsourcing the work to someone on

This assumes that you are OK with elements of your personal and work life being online for ever more. Not everyone is.

What I’d also recommend in Mike’s situation:<

  • Start tweeting< about the ups and downs of the job search (he’s a marketer after all!).

  • Make a longer YouTube clip (max 2 mins; 8 seconds is too short).

  • Put out an online press release and offer to speak to the media about his goal anytime, anywhere.

He’s going to catch some flack from the jealous and the ignorant about his wife fronting the show (it’s already started, see the YouTube comments) but as a good marketer, I imagine he’ll be able to sell the power of getting noticed first, alongside the strong and loving marital story that’s embedded into the site (and the domain name.)

Remember, his first goal is to get noticed among gazillions of other job-searchers and this site can help do that. Once he’s got a potential employer’s attention, a well-written resume will have a chance of getting him the interview.

Good job, Marketer Mike!

PS: I emailed Mike today and offered to write him a 400 word press release pro bono. Hey, all successful writers are marketers first! If you’ve a small business (on or offline), weaving a newsworthy story into an element of your company’s vision, purpose or service can reap dividends.