Hello World! Thanks For Stopping By, But Why?

Many bloggers I know seem to develop a compulsion to check their visitor stats daily.

August blog stats

That’s sure been my experience and I must admit to being very curious about not only where my visitors are coming from and how long they stick around, but to why they do so.

What brings people to a blog ostensibly about Career Ch__ange, Personal Renewal And Mid-Life Professionals?

I’d really like to know.

To give you some background; 80% of August’s visitors were here from between 0-30 seconds; the blogging equivalent of a drive-by shooting, I guess 😉.

But, encouragingly 8% spent more than 1 hour perusing pages.

Although I’m very much a new writer (if you exclude the corporate world of status reports and network engineering designs!), I like blogging and writing about subjects that intrigue me.

And I have my well-thumbed copy of William Zinsser’s On Writing Well within arms length, and am ready and willing to receive constructive feedback from all who stroll by, the objective being to make this blog an even more interesting and useful resource for my readers.

Over to you now.

  1. What do you most like about this blog?

  2. What do you least like about this blog?

  3. Give me one specific topic to write a post about.

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