Happy Birthday

Happy birthday blog

Well, this blog marked it’s first birthday on 30 November, and here are five behind the scenes trivia found in the party crackers:

Akismet has eaten over 8000 spam comments, leaving about 87 legitimate still standing.

(That’s a 99% spam rate compared to Akismet’s 85% average shown on their site. Boy have I got work to do to get more conversations going here in 2009.)

I wrote and published all 162 posts; no ghost writing just yet. And no jokes about needing one either, OK! 😉

My shortest post took approx 20 mins to write and publish.
Longest took 4 hours! Yikes!!

(There’s definitely a time and creativity commitment in running a blog. I can also see why people start and abandon blogs within months; that incessant tick-tock of the internal blogging clock (it’ll soon be time to post, it’ll soon be time to post!) can become deafening at times and is hard to ignore. So blog about what you’re interested in!)

My favourite post is about the wonderful Phillippe Petit’s story as retold in the documentary film Man on Wire.
I love the Gallic flair he brings to these English words:

See every day as a true challenge and then you live your life on the tightrope.

(Please leave a comment if there’s a particular post you either loved or hated!)

(The cake’s a delicious homemade orange and pineapple sponge created by my better half, with tasting assistance from the princess of witty retorts, aka the now teenage daughter.)