Habits, Writing and Early Rising

habits writing fiction and early rising

I am now in the third week of my 52 short stories in 52 weeks challenge. And wow, there are already a few interesting changes in how the writing gets done.

Some of my earlier struggles with starting and finishing stories are to be found in the archives. And while my intentions were good, intentions don’t tell tales.

No, what I lacked was an absolute, unwavering commitment to put the writing time first before all else. Setting up a dedicated writing environment (see this post) made it possible to succeed but did little to make it probable (with a high degree of certainty.)

For me, the additional change was simple but not easy. Many other part-time writers have highlighted this before:


I wake around 4:30am, do about 15 minutes of leg raises in bed for my dodgy knee (a great way to come alive), and then head for the writing computer, which is a smartphone with a bluetooth keyboard.

Works like a charm. Let’s hope this continues as winter sets in and the early mornings get colder.

The image here is what I’m using to reinforce all these wee writing wins. If I write fiction that day then WF gets marked on my desk calendar. (Monday 22 October missed out because I backslid and spent some time cleaning up, but not rewriting, the second story in the challenge. A new writing chain, WF1, then started on Tues 23.)

What I’m Reading:

I probably sound like a broken record but it’s short stories and back editions of New Scientist magazine. Did I mention short stories haha? Ray Bradbury Stories (900 pages of wonder) is waiting on my writing desk until I finish the following:

What I’m Writing:

Short stories all the way. See here for a list of stories written.