Google TechTalks Coaching

29 minutes into Michael Beasley’s Google TechTalk Coaching Video, how do you get clear about your Google dream?

That definitely got my attention.

From what I can gather, Michael is a very experienced career Coach with a strong academic and corporate background, and who has been retained as a coach by Google.

The video is worth watching for anyone currently in the corporate world looking to balance (or more likely, juggle!) their own dreams and goals with those of their employers.

So, while the presentation is titled Advancing Toward Your Dreams and Goals: Exercise & Practices, Michael astutely guides the attending Google staffers to consider sharing (as appropriate) their Google dreams (think vision statement) and goals with selected coworkers (including management).

In my mind, the Google Dream approach is similar to what I posted before about corporate personal development plans, but with an emphasis on the personal.

The final 25 minutes cover Michael presenting ideas on how networking with coworkers (and possibly informal mentoring?) can be helpful in both defining and moving forward on these dreams.

He also shares the concept of readiness for the various stages and manifestations of dreams as they reveal themselves in daily working and personal life. (Michael describes this readiness in action as ‘messy’, an apt word in all its connotations from his sculpting hobby.)

WIIFM1: (What’s In It For Me) If you watch the video, then perhaps you may be able to answer these questions:

  1. What age is the child with you?

  2. What part of your dream are you now ready for?

I’m now intrigued enough about the career coaching (and mentoring) structure at Google to find out some more. So, I will prepare some questions and see if Michael or someone at Google can help answer them. If you have a relevant question you’d like answered, then please post it as a comment here by Fri 13 June.